Mouthwashing, Flossing & Kids

child flossingTo most adults regular use of floss and mouthwash can seem like something particular to being grown up, but did you know that even young children’s primary teeth need flossing and rinsing?

It may not seem so obvious at first, but when you consider that flossing and rinsing is mainly to prevent tooth decay and disease it makes sense that a child’s baby teeth should be cared for just the same as adult teeth.

Not only is it important to prevent early decay and promote your kid’s active interest in their dental hygiene, but helping your child keep a healthy mouth at an early stage will allow for their adult teeth to come in without any complications.

Learning to floss and rinse can be quite easy, but at what ages should kids start to do these things on their own?

Typically parents will help their child to floss until around age 8 or 9, and can begin to supervise their use of mouthwashes starting at age 6 or 7.

In these stages it’s important to demonstrate clear and concise cleaning techniques. Flossing can seem confusing or overexertive for young kids and rinsing can sometimes become swallowing.

For younger kids there are mouthwashes available that are less harmful when swallowed by accident to prevent any major mistakes in early learning.

Also available are formulas that will change colors when they encounter common plaque. This can help to show your kid just how effective the rinsing is when they spit it out.

Both flossing and mouthwashing take up very little time but are key to easily maintaining a healthy smile, so remember to floss and rinse and help your kids to do the same!

As always if you have any questions or inquiries concerning your child’s dental healthcare please feel free to ask our professional and knowledgable staff!

Take Care! Smile Big! -Flagstaff Dentistry 4 Kids